Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspections

At Philectro we offer a wide range of electrical inspection services.
Whether you need an electrical inspection for your home or business we have an electrician to help.

Philectro is able to do Electrical Inspection in Cape Town and provide you with an Electrical Compliance Certificate. Be it a DOMESTIC installation, WAREHOUSE or FACTORY consisting of a PRODUCTION PLANT, we are able to do Electrical Compliance Audits and correct any deviations in order to issue a certificate for your premises.

Our electrical inspection service includes :

  • Compliance Certificates (CoC)
  • Test reports to support the CoC
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Illumination Intensity Levels
  • Compile layout plans if none exist

Landlord electrical testing:

It is a legal requirement that anyone who leases residential or business premises is required by law to ensure the Electrical Equipment they provide is in accordance with regulatory legislation and safe.

Portable appliance testing:

As an employer, PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is a vital part of your Health & Safety policy. It is reported according to the Health and Safety Executive, 25% of all reportable electrical accident involve portable appliances.  The Electricity at Work Regulations place the responsibility on you the employer to ensure no danger results from use of such equipment.   Regular testing of your appliances from Computers to printers, kettles to vacuums and heaters is an essential requirement to ensure safe working equipment and fulfill your health and safety obligations. Philectro is able to compile all documentation and create records of tests done of appliances found on your premises. This may also be a requirement terms of insurance coverage of your business.

Earth Leakage Testing:

Testing the working condition of all earth leakage protection devices located on your premises. Tracing of all standard plug socket outlets associated with the respective earth leakage device. Trace of all the plug socket outlets that are not protected by the earth leakage protection devices. Compile register of all earth leakage devices and plug socket outlets noting locations and reflecting test results. Layouts of premises are also drawn up indicating positions of distribution boards housing earth leakage devices, location of plug socket points with identification mark corresponding to the register. Comprehensive reports on all deviations if found in your electrical installation reflecting most cost effective correction measure while also keeping within the boundaries of electrical installation rule and regulations.

Earth Continuity Testing:

All buildings and premises in general have exposed conductive parts that may or may not form part of the electrical installation. These exposed parts would be the metal covers of appliances, plugs, switches, machinery and equipment or even the steel structure of a building. It is a requirement that all exposed conductive parts of an installation be earthed and bonded together to form what is known as an equipotential earthed system. This is done to eliminate any chance of the exposed conductive part to become live thus posing a threat to safety of people operating in that environment. We can test all exposed parts of an installation to ensure these are effectively earthed and safe to touch.